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SIA CWS Summit – TalentRupt

Unleash Excellence in
Global Offshore Recruitment
with TalentRupt at
SIA CWS Summit

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    Welcome to the Future of
    Workforce Solutions!

    Amidst the evolving tides of the global workforce landscape, we are excited to unveil a revolutionary force – Talentrupt. With a fusion of cutting-edge technology and human ingenuity, Talentrupt is set to reshape the very fabric of talent acquisition and management. As we gather at the SIA CWS Summit, prepare to embark on an exhilarating journey into a realm where AI-powered insights and data-driven strategies converge to redefine how we engage with the world of work. Embrace the dawn of a new era with Talentrupt!


    Empowering Global Offshore
    Recruitment Excellence

    Step into a world of unrivaled opportunities at the CWS Summit – where HR, procurement, and workforce solutions management professionals unite. Immerse yourself in an environment of innovation, connection, and collaborative growth, redefining your contingent workforce management strategy.

    Discover the TalentRupt Vision

    Anticipation is building as we gear up to join the ranks of industry peers, thought pioneers, and global visionaries. TalentRupt is geared up to captivate the summit with our unwavering commitment to revolutionizing workforce solutions. Our presence is a testament to embracing fresh perspectives, deepening domain insights, and nurturing partnerships that catalyze our collective workforce program strategy.

    Journey with

    Amidst the buzz of this remarkable event, meet our dynamic CEO, Satyen, poised to engage and empower. A beacon of knowledge and a proponent of innovative workforce solutions, Satyen’s presence promises invaluable insights and potential synergies.

    Embark on the TalentRupt Advantage

    · Global Reach, Local Excellence: TalentRupt spans the globe with offices in San Diego, New York, Ahmedabad, Pune, and Baroda, delivering impeccable offshore recruitment solutions.

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    Domain Expertise:

    With a stronghold in Technology, Finance, Healthcare, and Clinical/Scientific domains, we redefine excellence in staffing.

    Innovative Recruiter Compensation Model

    Our ingenious approach ensures optimum alignment between recruiters and results.

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    Seamless Journey

    Experience a meticulously orchestrated journey from discovery to presenting your ideal candidate.

    Transparency and Quality

    Our commitment to transparency and responsive reporting guarantees the highest quality service.

    Performance Excellence

    Witness unbeatable performance backed by guaranteed pricing.

    Shape the Future Together

    Join the TalentRupt family at SIA CWS Summit, North America – a realm of innovation, networking,
    and transformation. Together, let’s script a triumphant saga of success in global offshore recruitment.